What is Social Media? Your Holiday Nut-shell

Recently I stumbled across a new band. Well, not so much stumbled, as much as it was recalling memory. I follow a few music blogs, but I rely heavily on a few trusted friends to help me in my musical listening adventures. I began hearing about this band a few moths back in my stream on my Facebook page. Friends would post what they were listening to, and while most of it is noise, there are a few key patterns that help peak my interest.

Some of my friends on FB know each other, most do not. So I when I start to see friends whose musical tastes I respect, yet who do not know each other start to post similar artists, I tend to pay attention. When those “sightings” start to occur more frequently, my curiosity is definitely peaked.

So I go last night to my favorite mp3 download site and notice that this band happens to be on the Home page. The album is $5. The perfect price point to venture out and take a risk. I was rewarded mightily. So I go back to FB and “blip” (blip.fm) a couple of songs from the album. Two friends who I know, see the posts in their thread and take a listen. Both like. In fact I even have the link at the ready. Me, happy. Friends, happy. Because in this life there is no sweeter gift than sharing new music with friends.

That’s Social Media in a nutshell. Be careful not to choke on it.


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