Phone Wars.

The most recent cellular “super” phone releases have recently reminded me of the classic sci-fi trilogy. The Empire played by Apple with the iPhone in the role of Darth Vader. While the recent emergence of the Android phones playing the part of the Rebellion, with the new DroidX, seeing it’s premiere in the role of Luke Skywalker. And true to form, iPhone’s weakness was exploited, being represented by dropped calls, courtesy of the Death Star that is AT&T, but with iPhones recent antenna problems, that 2 meter exhaust port has become just enough room for the Rebellion to take aim at with a photon torpedo.
DroidX seems to have it’s own problems upon launch. It appears the Rebellion is not as rebellious as it led consumers to believe. Motorola has apparently installed eFuse in its TI chipset that “bricks” the phone upon “rooting” or “moding”. And while these terms may sound as foreign to you as a skinny jeans trend, what it basically means is, mess with your DroidX and it becomes as useless as a Taun Taun in sub freezing temperatures.
Now in the interest of full disclosure, I plan to order my DroidX next week, “bricking” or not, as I have yet to see any real evidence that it will affect how I use my phone. But I sure don’t want to find out I’m in the Millenium Falcon and the hyper-drive doesn’t work. I have nothing against the Empire and its iPhone Vader. It’s just that I’m too lazy to switch providers, which is why I’d make a terrible member of the Rebellion. But then, I like to think of myself more like Boba Fett. Outside the fray and self-interested. Besides, Boba was way cool.
So in the end, we’ve really learned that whether Empire or Rebellion, each is serving their own interest. And that leads me to believe that Vader is really Luke’s Father. Let’s hope the rest of the saga plays out better than Episodes I-III.