Revisiting Sublime.

As I have now entered my Forties, I thought a little re-visitation of one of my favorite Sublime songs maybe deserved a little closer scrutiny.

1. I do mind now when my dog runs away. She has a propensity to do so, and frankly, I don’t want to pay the fine for letting my dog off the lease within the city limits.

2. I get angry at some of the bills I have to pay. Especially when they involve those hidden BS charges. (I’m talking to you Comcast and Verizon.)

3. I wouldn’t get angry if my Mom smoked pot. She’s 80. She can do anything she wants at this point.

4. Though I would get a little concerned (OK…A LOT concerned) if my Mom started hitting the bottle and going back to the “rock”. No one needs to be doing that, not even an 80 year old woman.

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