Bayleaf Cafe: Comfortable Food – 24 hour weekends

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When I’m able to go out sans child with my wife, it is no small understatement to say that the choice of restaurant is at a premium. Having moved from the South last year, the wife and I were craving the flavors and comfort of some good old southern vittles. Our choice was Bayleaf Cafe, and it did not disappoint. Don’t let the quaint seating, open kitchen, or the drinks served in Kerr jars fool you, this place is about serious food. As we were without the kid for an evening, we started out with some Full Sail India Pale Ale for drinks. Our server was more than happy to oblige our craving for some appetizers, which consisted of the Lumpia Shanghai (a fried mini-roll with ground shrimp and pork), while I went full-bore with the smothered fries in country gravy. Don’t let the fusion of “country” and asian throw you off balance. Dive right in, and the flavors seem to come together in a tapestry of woven flavor.
For our main courses, we went full “Southern”, she selected the Shrimp and Cheese Grits with a side of Hoppin’ John ( a black-eyed peas, rice, and ham dish that immediately brings back the feeling of warm southern breezes and sweet tea on a warm Southern evening), while I chose the Chicken Fried Chicken with Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes with the country gravy…again (yes, it was THAT good). After another round of Pale Ales though dinner, we decided to put a pause on finishing our dinner (take home is always a plus), and try our fare at the dessert menu. Seth, the owner was making his traditional rounds in flannel and a Yankees cap (for which his food will exonerate him for the Yankees hat) and we chat about Mobile and Tuscaloosa, Alabama while admitting our cravings for some Southern pulled pork sandwiches. He knows his food, and the dessert was actually the icing on the cake. We split the Banana Pudding and Apple Brown Betty, while Seth informs us from the other side of the restaurant that a couple from Huntsville was about to enjoy their meal. I am full and satisfied when I receive the news from Seth that I can enjoy my cravings all weekend long as Bayleaf is open from Friday at 11am all the way through Sunday at 9pm without closing. That’s right folks…you can get your Bayleaf on through the weekend at any hour. So, go and get your “South” on and get in a chat with Seth while you’re at it.

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