Why you should be at the next Ignite Salt Lake

So last night was my first Ignite event here in Salt Lake City. You’re never really sure what you will get when you attend geek nirvana, but if you had attended last night this is what you may have seen or learned about…

Oh…and they had an open bar…

1. A hobby involving wooden battleships…that blow each other up. For reals.
2. Women on skates bullying each other for sport.
3. One of those guys who makes computer art you can smoke pot to.
4. A lovely presentation where I am no longer going to confuse El Salvador with other Latino countries.
5. Zombie Dating (not the last of the Zombie genre).
6. A good intro to Tweeting.
7. A Southerner talking about Utah, and alienating an audience with conference college football ties.
8. Something about tribes I really didn’t understand. I’m apparently still looking for my tribe.
9. A climbing guy that killed my Intermission munchie buzz with some photos of his crushed leg. Yowza.
10. A nice little musical set with Nicole Kole Hansen. A girl so nice they named her twice.
11. An epic, Star Wars type, Rap battle between CSS and HTML. I’m still rooting for the Wookie.
12. “Dude”…enough said.
13. A really smart guy telling me I can search for old people through walls…among other applications.
14. I need to car less, and bike more.
15. Post-Apocolyptic undead sex for pro-creation, or lack thereof.
16. Coding. And I can barely speak Spanish.
17. Trying to figure out if I should be doing nothing for something, or something for nothing. Or neither.
18. And literally…How to tell your friends you’ve seen a Sasquatch.

Did I mention the open bar?

Great Evening. You should be at the next one. I know I will.

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