My Twitter Two Cents. Literally.

Here’s my Twitter tip for the day.

If at the core of real communication is developing relationships, then it seems to me you should stick to that motto whatever your reason is for being on Twitter (except for you, sexbots and spamwhores). If you want to sell something…I don’t necessarily have a problem with that, per se. But just like any promising relationship..don’t badger me to death. It annoys me and eventually demeans your business integrity. Don’t be like that girl in high school everyone took advantage of, be something more. You deserve it, and loyal discernment expects it. Having said that…just be yourself (business or otherwise). Talk to people. Everyone has interests (they may not be mine…), so follow the ones that interest you. Like funny people? There is no shortage of really funny people that will actually interact with you. They may not be famous, but they may still be funny.
Use it to do things and go places. Use it to find a cheap airfare. Or my personal favorite, use it to find that great out of the way unknown place to eat great food. The key is interaction. If all you want are followers, there is no shortage of people willing to guide you in that path.
You want quality. Interact. You’ll be better for it, and so might some of us.

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