Win some…lose some.

I feel I’ve wasted my weekend. I spent the last three days at home mostly alone. Now before I hear the pangs of an “awwww” (which if you are saying that…you don’t know me, and if you are laughing right now…you do know me), let me remind people that it doesn’t bother me in the least. Well, maybe a little, but not enough to bring on full psychosis…yet. But what little I did this weekend, still feels like miles of confidence to me. The house needed a cleaning. Bad. Luckily I bring certain domestic abilities to the table. Good. I would say that the final project came in somewhere between full-blown fall cleaning and obsessive compulsive behavior. Laundry needed to be done. Bad. Again, certain domestic abilities. Good! It wasn’t a ton of laundry, but it was at that point where it’s mildly inconvenient and could probably go a couple of more days, or just be done with it. I chose the later. The laundry washing thing isn’t the part that gets me…it’s the folding…of the undergarments. Don’t ask me what the hangup is…it just…well it just IS. Colors, jeans, towels, the lot of it, I could fold it all day. Give me a load of skivvies, and I moan like a six year old that’s just been told, “We aren’t stopping for Ice Cream”. But it was done, anyway, cause I just can’t pass it off on the dogs. All I would get is a slobbery mess that makes the whole process that much more squeamish.

A hospital bag needed to be packed. Full of all the goodies for the hospital. Cell phone, iPod, you know, the important stuff (notice: this previous sentence is written for the express purpose of some of my readers who will no doubt be sending me messages scolding me for only packing those items or even mentioning their relative importance. The rest of you…just take it for what it is…damn funny!). I literally took an hour canvasing the house to scope out the best place to put the bag. In the bedroom, in all the hustle and bustle, it might get left behind. Spare room might keep it out of sight, but what good is “out of sight” when you need it. So I placed it right by the door. Now hopefully I won’t trip on it on the way out the door.

I also spent the weekend watching films. Not movies. Films. What’s the difference you may ask? The Godfather? Film. High School Musical 3? Movie. Pretty simple huh? Now before you go labeling me a film snob (which I will readily admit to anyway, if you’d just ask), let me just tell you that I have “movies” in my collection. Plenty of them, in fact. I also, have a good deal of “film” in my collection. Sometimes you want cotton candy at the Fair, and sometimes you want to eat at a fine restaurant. It doesn’t mean both can’t have value as an experience. However, I do draw the line at one finer point. The are people who go to see movies, and those who like to watch movies. There is a large segment of our society that likes to go “to the movies”. Some, like the dressing up, or paying the high prices, or eating the shitty popcorn, or something. Some are audiophiles. They want the sound, the boom, that larger than life screen (I partly fall into this category when I do go the movies). And them some, the movies are all they have. There is still massive amounts of rural townships, full of blue-collar workers, providing for their families, and this is the highlight of their week or month. I salute these people most, because they still enjoy the entertainment of going to the movies, and remind the rest of us, that there is something nostalgic about that. Then there are people like me. I honestly go to the movies about twice a year. Usually for a comedy or an indy film that picked up more screens. Sometimes it may be more than that, depends on if certain directors I appreciate are all extremely prolific in one year, or if it’s a Harry Potter year. I know…I know…but hey, remember the cotton candy analogy? That’s mine. I like to watch film, and I’ve found the only way to do that is with multiple viewings. Sure, it be nice to do it in a movie theater, but I’m not some trust fund kid that’s got a no-limit credit card. I mean, you got to draw the line somewhere. So I ravage the DVD outlets and look for gems. One rule though with my collection is that is has to be a movie or film that avails itself to multiple viewings and honest criticism. So under that guideline, sure I can have Army of Darkness in my collection, because I get something out of that movie each time I watch it. Whether it’s classic lines, or errors in continuity, or crappy effects, they still hold a certain cinematic value. It is what it is, and doesn’t try to be more. And that’s why a film like that can sit alongside The Godfather on a collection shelf. Different films, but both can maintain a level of context for the viewer. That’s where the difference between the two lie. One goes to the movie for the entertainment value of it. The other watches the film for the art of it, or lack of it. Can you have both? Of course you can! You can have a great experience watching a fantastic film in a movie theater. Not that often, but still. But on the reverse, I’ve watched some pretty terrible movies in my own home. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve probably seen more crap movies in my own home than I ever have in a movie theater.

But those are the risks you take.

That, and nine bucks for a ticket.


2 thoughts on “Win some…lose some.

  1. I totally get the “folding of the undergarment” thing. Why fold them anyway? Is someone going to think less of you with wrinkled skivvies?

  2. When my wife and I were dating, I would watch her fold her underwear when she was doing laundry. This was fascinating as I was trying so hard to get into them. I learned the lesson well. I fold them like that to this day. 18 years go by so fast.

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