God and Voldemort.

It has been mentioned that the reason there is violence in schools, and by association, the incident yesterday was due to the fact that God is not “allowed” in our schools. While it is true that organized prayer is not present in our schools any longer as it may favor one specific religion or denomination, God, Himself, as far as I am aware was never banned in schools. Plenty of individuals that believe in God teach and attend schools everyday. To imply that God is no longer present there diminishes the theological claims of the omnipresence, all-powerful nature, and sovereignty of God. As if God were a claim we could just simply dismiss out of our lives just by legislation or obtuseness. But the more severe claim is that God is somehow bound by the laws of men. That the incident yesterday was our “handcuffing” of God from any action. And not only does that logic limit the God you believe in, but it presents him as an all-ppwerful being that actively chooses not to intervene in a child’s life because of the petty will of man.

Life happened. It was not caused by the presence of God or his absence. And to imply it as such is to make light of the real presence of God in people’s lives. So let’s stop describing God like a Voldemort that is able to be shut out of Hogwarts just simply by waving a wand.


Canary Falls, Mammoth Springs